Free Pattern Friday: Mason Jar Quilt Pattern

Free Pattern Friday: Mason Jar Quilt Pattern

This is one of my all time favorite free patterns! Have I made it yet? NO..sadly! It is definitely on my list of quilts to make though. I love the simplicity of the pattern and how you can feature super cute prints in the jars without overpowering the quilt.


I love quilts that are precut friendly, meaning the lend themselves easily to a precut bundle of fabric. That makes it easier and more accessible to find fabrics for the quilt. This quilt only has a few requirements: 

1. Background Fabric. I think my favorite is the low volume dot!

2. Fabric for the Jar Glass. Blue, or if you choose a colored background you could go with a cream or white.

3. Charm Pack for the Jars! I love the gingham jar lids in the example quilt and would consider using ginghams only for the jar lids because...ADORABLE!


And that's pretty much it besides your binding and backing. Simple! 

Click here to download the free Mason Jar Quilt Pattern



Here are a few super cute quilts I found on instagram that tried this pattern out and nailed it. Ruby Star fabrics make for some fun jars! Check out our selection of Ruby Star prints in the shop. 


By Tiny Stitch Quilt Shop

This is a different pattern, same idea. I love the idea of mixing in full jars and half full jars for some visual interest. These jars are made with Sweetwater's Graze line and look so cute. Click here to see the Graze fabrics in the shop! 

By Floss Candy Shop


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