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Christmas Sweater Quilt Pattern by Fig Tree | SKU #FT 1827


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This is one of those quilts that has been in the "line up" waiting for a perfect opportunity and this was it. We are so excited to see it come to real life as so far it is just on the written page! Our favorite tiny red dot for the background, mixed with our favorite brand new green geometric print from the new FIGS AND SHIRTINGS collection and our favorite ivory solid for the background. I do believe that this quilt just kind of screams Christmas don't you think? Kind of think it should be backing with a snuggle fabric don't you?

3 yd. main fabric [small red dot]

3 ¼ yd. background fabric [ivory solid]

1 ⅛ yd. accent fabric [green, grey or other]

4 yd. backing

½ yd. binding

Quilt Size: 60 1/2" x 72 1/2"

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