Rainbowfruit 2.5 Inch Rolie Polie by Damask Love for Riley Blake Designs| 40 SKUS



Damask Love

Riley Blake Designs

100% Cotton

43" wide

Item Description: This 2 1/2" Rolie Polie precut bundle includes 40 pieces from the Rainbowfruit collection by Amber Kemp-Gerstel of Damask Love for Riley Blake Designs. Each print will be included 2 times in the bundle.

When Amber's five-year-old son saw the colorful, fun patterns in this second Damask Love fabric collection, he immediately said 'it looks like rainbowfruit!' The Rainbowfruit collection features quirky, whimsical and delicious illustrations complemented by bold and graphic patterns that will bring any project to life. Together, the Rainbowfruit collection will undoubtedly create statement pieces that will make everyone take a second look and ask 'where'd you get that fabric!'

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