Land that I Love Quilt Pattern - Amy Smart (DQ-1703)


Land That I Love Quilt Pattern (DQ-1703) designed by Amy Smart of A Diary of a Quilter Fabric Requirements for Land That I Love (NOT INCLUDED) Red prints (for flags stripes and patchwork blocks): C5900 – Red Main Gingham 1⁄2 yard C670-80- Red Swiss Dot 1⁄2 yard C5905 Red Gingham Flower 1⁄2 yard C450-80 RED Gingham 1⁄2 yard C5901- Red Gingham Daisy 1⁄2 yard White prints (for flags stripes and patchwork blocks): C5904 – White plaid 1⁄2 yard C5900 – White Main 1⁄2 yard C5905 – White Gingham Flower 1⁄2 yard C660-80- Red Swiss Dot reversed 1⁄2 yard C660-21 – Navy Swiss Dot reversed 1⁄2 yard Medium Blue (patchwork blocks): C5904 Blue Gingham Plaid 3/8 yard C5905 Blue Gingham Flower 3/8 yard Navy (borders and patchwork blocks: C5900 - Navy Gingham Main 1⁄2 yard C5903 – Navy Gingham Calico 1⁄4 yard C670-21 – Navy Swiss Dot 1 yard C450-21 NAVY Medium Gingham 1 yard Yellow: C5903 – Yellow Gingham Calico 3/8 yard (inside borders) C5904 – Yellow Gingham Plaid 3⁄4 yard (outer borders and nine-patch centers) Binding: C670-80- Red Swiss Dot 5/8 yard Backing - 4 1⁄2 yards

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