Doggie Bed Toy and Scarf Cut, Sew, Create Panel by Stacy Iest Hsu - Perfect Sewing Projects for Beginners and Children!

$43.00 $48.00

Cut, Sew, Create Doggie Bed Toy and Scarf This panel lets you create a Doggie Bed, bone toy, and bandanna for man's best friend. Each Cut, Sew, Create panel helps you learn a new sewing skill. The skill you learn with this panel is sewing with velcro. Panel size: 53" x 85" Finished sizes: Dog Bed - 24” x 30” Bone - 5” x 7.5” Scarf - 8” x 10.75” Package includes Cut and Sew Panel and sewing instructions. Notions not included. Includes detailed instructions for finishing each project.

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