Harmony Cream Honeycomb Yardage | SKU #C11093-CREAM


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Melissa Lee

Riley Blake Designs

100% Cotton

43" Wide

This collection is, first and foremost, inspired by my love of honeybees! My name, Melissa, comes from the Greek words for "honey" and "bee," so I've always had something of an affinity for them. They're hardworking, cute, and most importantly, essential to the health of much of our planet, so I wanted to honor that in my work. The collection is also inspired by the forrest, plant life, and animals that populate my home at the bottom of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California.

In a more broad sense, Harmony represents the careful balance of nature; how plants, animals, and sometimes even humans, work together to keep everything thriving. Where bees buzz, deer wander, and seedlings are carried along the breeze. Without knowing the harmonious process of nature, our planet would look a lot different. I hope this collection brings you a sense of peace, happiness, and appreciation for the beauty of nature.

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